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Common questions asked
Answers to the most frequent asked questions regarding our Christian Dating System.

How does this Dating System work?

You can straight away have a look at some profiles. After viewing 5 profiles you are gently nudged to register. Registration is only a small membership contribution and has many advantages like view more profiles, contact members, be contacted etc. Once your membership is approved and payment gone in you get login details, user and password, and you can login. Membership for 6 and 12 months.

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How do I create my own profile?

Login to the system by clicking on 'Login' where you enter your login details, user and password into a form, and you're in. Then you go to 'My Profile' (Link on top left of small menu bar), then you click on the arrow to create or modify your profile. You fill in the form with a number of details about yourself. Once done, the admin will be notified to approve your profile, and you will be sent a mail, once approved.

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How long is membership ?

You can choose between 6 or 12 months of membership...

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Does membership cost anything and how much??

There is a membership contribution in order to be full member, and then you can create your profile, add photo(s), contact people and lots more -
Choose between the following options:

- Membership for 6 months - 19.00
- Membership for 12 months - 25.00

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Who is behind this Christian Dating Online profile System?

Same people who operate the popular Christian Search Engine 'Kingdom Seek' The person who looks after both is a born-again Christian since 1974, 3-year bible training, missionary in several European countries incl. Germany, Austria, England and Switzerland Married, one daughter. Home Church: Southampton Community Church, England. Background free church, evangelical, charismatic.

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How do I contact other members

Viewing a profile you see links like 'send a wink', 'send message', and 'instant message'.

'send a wink' - you notify the person of this profile that your are interested. The person is being sent a mail, to let them know of your interest. This mail contains a link to your own profile, and so they can see if they want to get in touch with you.

'send message' - you send internal messages to this profile

'instant message' - works for people who are online at the same time as you, so you send instant messages to and fro, similar to a chat situation

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Do I have to enter my real name when creating a profile?

No. Only when registering the first time, but this is not disclosed. When you create a profile, you just give a name to your profile, can be anything. So no-one viewing your profile can see your real name or your email-address.

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What happens to my data?

Everything you enter, when registering for membership, is safe, no-one can look into this, it is not published nor passed on to any third party. Only the admin of the system can see this, not even his family members. - What you enter when posting a profile, this is obvioulsy displayed as your profile, but not your real name and not your email-address. There is no access to any passwords.

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Tell me more about the 'Who's Online' Feature

You can see who is online with you at the same time. You can send them an IM, Instant Message, this can go on to and fro, similar to 'chatting'.

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Why can't I see my own profile?

You can search for it keeping in mind the age group, if you haven't got a photo, you need to remember that when searching and switch off 'Photos Only'. If you set up the search form properly you should find your profile.

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How do I modify my profile?

Login with your username and password, then go to 'My Profile'. There you see a link 'Modify profile', where you can do just that.

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How do I delete my profile?

Login with your username and password, then go to 'My Profile'. You can now suspend your profile (like you're on holiday or want to have a break), or you cancel your profile and membership altogether. (Sorry no refunds for any remaining time)

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How do I add a photo/video to my profile?

Login to your account and go to 'My Profile'.

Click the link 'Upload your photo'.
You can upload files of .jpg format, size should not exceed 60 kb and max width is 400 pixel, max height is 300 pixel.
You can add up to 20 photos to your profile.

Click the link 'Upload video clip'.
You can upload .mpg files.

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How do I prevent someone of contacting me?

Go to your 'Mailbox', select the message of the user you want to block, and click on 'Block User'. This user will not be able to send you any more messages....

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